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I have been dealing with Rosacea and facial veins for at least ten years. I have had at least that many laser treatments. They always left my face swollen for days. Also, with at least 3 of those treatments, the technician caused a small nick on my nose. Thank you!

This January as part of my New Year’s resolution I decided to try to eliminate the veins on my nose and face again. I underwent three laser sessions of about one hour each over a three month period. Even with numbing cream, they were painful and caused swelling. I was o.k. with that, but the veins didn’t go away. The technician said it would take at least 3 more treatments.

I was in Naples in April and I came across Dr. Landi’s brochure. I liked the part that said that the Doctor did the procedure, not a technician. I went to his website and saw that it wasn’t a laser procedure, but sclerotherapy, and radio waves. I thought it made sense to inject directly into the vein. I went to see Dr. Landi. He said he could help me. I agreed to three sessions.

On the first session, the main veins on my nose and a large vein by my eye were treated. I went home and looked in the mirror and the vein I hated was gone. Yay!! I was so pleased that something was actually working. I went back for a second session and he treated more veins. I have to say that after a month now, some of the veins are back, or they are new veins, but I still have one more session.

I am very pleased with my results—I do suggest that you get the three sessions.

Hi I am a 35 yr male from Toronto, Canada.

I was in search of a doctor who performed the treatment of a frontal vein that I had on my forehead. I was extremely pleased with how comfortable he made me feel about the treatment. Dr. Landi and his staff were professional and comforting prior and during the whole procedure. I highly recommend anyone in search for a vein specialist. Thank you again for everything.

I had my legs done by Dr. Landi.

The Varicose Veins are gone!! I feel like I can show my legs again!
Dr. Landi is wonderful. He cares about what he does and I feel very comfortable with him. I trust him completely and I highly recommend him. He makes wonders!

Fabienne W.

Hemangioma and Spider Vein Treatment

Dr. Landi is a very capable and compassionate vascular surgeon. He is extremely informative and a genuinely nice person. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking treatment for spider veins or any other vascular problem.

Sadie R.

Female with Buldging Hand and Wrist Veins

Wonderful doctor and staff! They knew I was from out of town and was getting ready to move and worked with my schedule. Even bringing me in for my last appointment on a Saturday. Dr. Landi explained everything step by step. And made sure I was comfortable. Everyone there was very warm and kind. I would highly recommend him. So much so that Im bringing my mom in for the very same procedure soon.

EVLT & Sclerotherapy

Great doctor, very knowledgable and down to earth.

Amanda H.

Bulging Veins in Arms and Hands.

Dr Landi and staff were all professional and kind. I highly recommend Dr Landi for anyone who is interested in vein treatment.

Hello Dr. Landi,

I wanted to thank-you and your staff again for the excellent treatment that I received while in Naples last week. I really think that every single person that I met in your office and operating room were professional and warm kind people. I will be sure to write a glowing review on realself once I have some free time.

I also plan on coming in for a follow up at some point in the next few months, but I will wait to see how everything looks once it is healed.

Cathy E.

Dear Dr. Landi,

I just wanted to send a big thank you to you and your staff for taking such good care of me. My legs are healing nicely and the black & blue is fading daily.

Also, saving the boxes was such a help and very kind of you all to do so.

With a grateful heart,

My Legs Feel Great Now! Heredity caused my painful legs. The ugly blue veins did nothing for appearance either. A nursing profession kept me on my feet all day and some nights. Thanks to Dr. Landi’s experience, technique and skill, my legs feel great now. The treatment done in his office called Endoluminal Laser Ablation was exceptionally easy and comfortable. I had it performed on a Saturday and went to the movie that night. He explained every step of the operation while he was working, making the procedure very comfortable. I highly recommend this doctor and procedure to anyone considering fixing their ugly veins and painful legs. You’ll be glad you did!

Dear Dr. Landi & Staff,

I just wanted to personally thank you for your care and answering all my questions. It meant so much. The results were wonderful and the pain is gone!

T. M.

My name is Lester Piper. I am a 53 year old male. I searched out the services of Dr. John Landi due to the fact that I had both legs with severe varicose veins. I was in a lot of pain and after my procedure on each leg I was back to work in two days with minimal pain and now it is as if I never had the surgery other than the unsightly veins are now gone. I am feeling great and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that Dr. Landi and his staff have put forth in this effort. I just can’t say enough great things about Dr. Landi and his staff. Thank you very much.

Hi, my name is Phyllis. Dr. Landi has treated both my legs. I had extreme pain and after treatment and injections I feel wonderful. I could sleep until eight o’clock without any pain at all. Dr. Landi is wonderful. Thank you very much!

I am very pleased with the outcome of my veins. The doctor took a look at my legs, which had very large varicose veins and the valves were not working. He took care of it and my legs really look good now. It’s been about three weeks and I am ecstatically happy with the outcome. It was a great procedure. The office staff was great and I really appreciate the great job Dr. Landi did.

R. Q.

I had the laser ablation procedure by Dr. Landi. The procedure was minor compared to years ago and with no downtime. I was able to do my normal routine the next day. I would suggest this procedure to anyone. This is done in the office with no general anesthesia. It eliminated a lot of discomfort and pain caused by the veins and now I am able to wear shorts again. Dr. Landi did a great job and I felt very comfortable with his office staff.


Dr. Landi was recommended to me by Dr. Michael Gallops for laser surgery on varicose veins. The process was as easy as could be expected. There were no surprises and I am totally happy with the procedure and the results. Thank you.

R. S.

Dr. Landi,

Since mid September, I have been in your office on seven different occasions so far, and have several more appointments scheduled in the coming weeks to correct a vascular issue in both of my legs. I have been very impressed and satisfied with the treatment I have received. I would like to thank you for your consultations, knowledge, and expertise in your field. Even though this procedure is not yet complete, great results are evident, and a plan for completion is in place. Throughout each procedure, you ask how I am doing, and if I am Ok. You tell me what to expect prior to the next step during each procedure. I have an autoimmune disease that you have taken into consideration; and I have had no problems with it during the time I have been involved with treatments. I appreciate the time you have taken with me to explain the procedures needed relative to my condition, prior to and during each visit.

The packet of information you and your dedicated staff provided me during my first visit, before the procedures began, allowed me the opportunity to read and review the material before the treatments began. I can also refer back to the material if I have a question after a procedure. Also, this allows me to know what to expect far in advance. Your staff’s professionalism, guidance, and kindness have also helped to make my experience a positive one. Your nurses are very caring and work with you during the procedure to enhance the process of the procedure for the patient. Without a doubt, a patient can tell they love what they do. These ladies do all they can to help a patient in any way.

I am totally amazed at the fact that everybody in your establishment respects your patient’s schedules, and does so in a friendly and respectful way. I have had the privilege of Saturday, Sunday, and weekday appointments at 7 AM!! Your staff goes out of their way to accommodate my schedule as a teacher. No matter how early or what day of the week I am in your office; there is office personnel to take me to my room, to schedule my next appointment after my procedure or visit with you, answer any clerical questions in a very friendly manner..

How did I come to choose you and your staff? You were referred to me by another very satisfied former patient. Thank you, again, so much.


L. H.

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Dear Dr. Landi & Staff, I just wanted to personally thank you for your care, and answering
all my questions. It meant so much. The results were wonderful and the pain is gone!
Sincerely, T. M.